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Vídeo: Pescador lança explosivo para afastar leões marinhos

Allan Marsen, um pescador, está no centro da revolta nas redes sociais depois de publicar um vídeo a lançar um explosivo contra leões marinhos, de forma a assustá-los para conseguir pescar. Veja.

As imagens, publicados pela ‘Sea Leagacy’, uma associação sem fins lucrativos, estão a indignar os internautas.

Allen Marsen é captado a lançar explosivos para o mar, no Canadá, para assustar os leões marinhos.

De acordo com a imprensa canadiana, o objetivo do pescador era fazer com que os animais se afastassem para poder continuar a pescar, mas os risos ouvidos na gravação geraram revolta.

Alguns utilizadores das redes sociais chegaram a ameaçar Marsen, dizendo que também eles lhe podem atirar explosivos se ele se aproximar do seu barco. “As minhas tremem…”, justifica.

Veja as imagens.


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Warning: This video contains graphic content // A Facebook group pushing for what it calls ‘population management’ of seals and sea lions on Canada’s Pacific coast recently shared a video of a herring fisherman throwing an explosive into a group of sea lions in the Strait of Georgia. The fisherman is on record with @cbcnews as stating that his intended purpose was to disperse sea lions and not to kill them, as he was checking to see if the herring were ready to spawn. There is no scientific evidence to justify abuse or a ‘cull’ of predators – seals and sea lions, in this case – as the best way to manage marine ecosystems. It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: setting off explosives next to the head of an animal will cause irreparable damage. If it does not injure it enough to kill, it will probably damage its hearing, or destroy an eye. It is illegal to disturb marine mammals on the B.C. coast, which includes the use of acoustic deterrents such as seal bombs or other explosives. Tell the Department of Fisheries and Oceans what you think of this behaviour: @jonathanwnv, @fisheriesoceanscan. Or contact Minister Wilkinson directly by phone 1.613.775.6333 or email [email protected] And please visit us online to join our global movement that’s working to create healthy and abundant oceans. #seals #sealions #bcpoli #animalcruelty #cdnpoli

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